Response to the grievance raised against BCA before BCCI

Posted on 2017-07-06 15:05:22 || Uploaded by Admin

The grievance raised by Mr. Ram Kumar,  Ex Treasurer, BCA before BCCI was not interfered by Hon'ble COA. Hon'ble COA has asked all the aggrieved, if any, to raise grievance in relation to Bihar Cricket Association before the Hon'ble OMBUDSMAN appointed by Bihar Cricket Association. It will be relevant to know that Mr. Kumar had send letter of authorization issued by himself authorizing himself as representative of BCA for participating in SGM of BCCI held on 26.07.17 at Mumbai. The BCCI did not took notice of Mr. Kumar 's letter and did not allowed him to participate in SGM. BCA is contemplating to initiate criminal proceeding against Mr. Kumar.