गलत सूचना के आधार की वजह से 29 फरवरी, 2020 की बैठक अवैध ठहराई गयी। तीन पदाधिकारियों ने गलत बताया

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The members of COM
Bihar Cricket Association

Sub: Regarding illegal meeting of COM...

Dear Sirs/Madam,
This is to inform that the so called requisition/ special meeting  convened by the restrained Hony. Secretary claiming false requisitions/approvals of Mr. Kumar Arbind, Mr. Ashutosh Nandan Singh and Mr. Sanjay Kumar Singh is illegal, unauthorized and without power.
The Emergent Meeting of COM of BCA has been duly convened on 28th of February,2020 and the Notice-cum-Agenda have been notified to the concerned on 24th of February,2020.
This is for information and necessary action.
Please also find the refusal of Mr. Kumar Arvind, Mr. Ashutosh Nandan Singh and Mr. Sanjay Kumar Singh attached herewith

(Rakesh Kumar Tiwary)
Bihar Cricket Association

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Letter from Mr. Ashutosh Nandan Singh
Letter from Mr. Sanjay Kumar Singh