Regarding issuing information as directed to you by the President

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From: Sanjay Kumar <secretarybca78@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, Feb 3, 2020, 15:18
Subject: Re: Regarding issuing information as directed to you by the President...
To: Sudhir Jha <jhasudhir.placement.lnmi@gmail.com>
Cc: <jointsecretary@biharcricketassociation.com>

The Chief Executive Officer,
BCA, Patna
Subject- Intimation in response to your email dated 02nd Feb 2020.
Received your email dated 02nd feb 2020.It appears that the same is full of contradiction. On one hand I have been addressed “erstwhile secretary”, on the other hand I have been restrained from the charging my duties. As it appears the general body in its meeting dated 31st Jan 2020 has been pleased to restrained me from the charging my duties as Secretary, therefore I am still the secretary without any power, as such I should not be addressed as erstwhile Secretary. If the general body has terminated me only thereafter I could be addressed erstwhile Secretary.

In your email you have asked me to handover cheque book, password of website & password of official email. As far as cheque book is concerned, it is not with me and custodian of the same is the honorary treasurer. As far as password of website and email is concerned, you have not said anything to whom it has to be handed over.

Through your email under reply It has been stated that show cause notice shall be issued to me separately. Therefore I am not making any comment with respect of charges /allegation labeled against me in your email under reply. However I am ready to defend myself against any charges which could be/have been leveled against me before any committee and general body of BCA.

In the afore said background of the matter, I am requesting to provide me copy of the minutes of the meetings of the AGM dated 31st Jan 2020 so that I could understand myself the decision of the general body. It is made clear that I have full faith and believe in the general body and Honorable president of BCA. The detailed reply will be served upon you in a very short time as I am quite busy in the completion of Ranji matches at present.

Thanking you with regards
Sanjay Kumar
Bihar Cricket Association