Bihar CA Under-16 (TW3) AVP Eligibility 2018-19 - Important Notice

Posted on 20 Sep, 2018 13:28 || Uploaded by Admin

The Players whose eligibility status is pending are requested to submit the required documents as given in the report in the News Section, on or before 28/09/2018.

For any queries kindly contact Mr. Deo Prakash Tripathi on +91 8210769332.

Players marked in Green are Eligible while the ones marked in Yellow are Not Eligible to participate in the BCCI Under-16 (TW3) Tournament 2018-19. However, please note that, at a later stage, if any of the eligible players are found to have submitted fake/tampered birth certificates, such players will be disqualified from participating in all BCCI tournaments for a period of 2 years.