Notice for the Emergent Meeting of COM

Posted on 05 Feb, 2021 14:27 || Uploaded by Admin


This is to notify that an EMERGENT Meeting of the COMMITTEE OF MANAGEMENT is scheduled to be held on 08.02.2021 at the residence of Hon. President,46,Patliputra Colony, Patna from 7.00 pm onwards to transact the following agenda/s:

1.To Discus and Confirm the proceedings of the previous Meeting

2.To Discuss and Decide about the current status of the matter related with Registration Department.

3.To Discuss and Decide about the Financial position of the Association and audit of FY-2019-20.

4.To Discuss and Decide about the proposal of the Tournament Committee in regard to the various Domestic Tournaments and the expenses.

5.To Discuss and Decide about the procedure of Registering/affiliating various tournaments in Bihar.

6.To Discuss and decide about the unethical, anti association and illegal activities of Mr. Sanjay Kumar, the expelled Secretary.

7.To Discuss any other matter with the permission of the Chair and Decide.

Note: Chairman, Legal Committee and Chairman, Tournament Committee shall be the SPECIAL INVITEES in this Meeting

With the Concurrence of the President

(Kumar Arvind)

Acting Secretary