Ms. Aparna Kumari is replacement of Ms. Shruti Gupta for U-19 Women's Team for BCCI Domestic Tournament (2022-2023)

Posted on 09 Oct, 2022 01:20 || Uploaded by Admin

The Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Captain and Vice-Captain of the Bihar U-19 Women's Team have requested the replacement of Ms. Shruti Gupta, who is suffering from dengue in Chennai and is a member of the Women’s U-19 squad. 

The Women's Selection Committee has given Ms. Aparna Kumari as a replacement for Ms. Shruti Gupta.


Ms. Aparna Kumari is now a new member of Team Bihar Women’s U-19 squad.


Ms. Aparna Kumari is instructed to report to the Bihar Cricket Association office on 09-10-2022 by 13:30 positively fly to Ahmedabad to join the U-19 team.



Manish Raj