Caution to the stakeholders who indulge in Anti-Association Activities.

Posted on 14 Aug, 2020 23:46 || Uploaded by Admin

All office bearers of Full Members/Stakeholders,
  Bihar Cricket Association

Dear Sirs,
        As it transpires from media/social media reports that some officer of some District Associations and other stakeholders are indulged in uploading statements and other materials which caused denting the image of office bearers of BCA in particular and BCA in general.

          Therefore I am constraint to warn such elements not to indulge such activities which will erode the image of office bearers of BCA and others associated with the function of BCA otherwise stern action will be taken against such elements.

            Kindly treat this notice as the most important and it is expected that such elements shall keep themselves aloof from anti Association activities  the intrest of Bihar Cricket and its cricketers as well as for smooth functioning of BCA.

Kumar Arvind
Acting Secretary
Bihar Cricket Association Patna